How are PET bottles recycled?

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is one of the most widely used plastics today. PET plastic bottles are 100% recyclable, yet today more than half of all PET bottles worldwide are not collected. PET bottles, post use, still carry a lot of value, and recycled PET (r-PET) can be used in a wide variety of applications.

As a professional color sorter manufacturer in China, we offer a set of plastic sorting solution, firstly let us simply check the general process as below:

1.Collect the waste pet bottles;2. Crush the bottle, remove the dust ,label and caps; 3. Dry the pet flakes and separate different color pet flakes. Now what kind of main machines will be used during the processing?

Normally it’s GLP series bottle sorter for getting the PET bottle, and through the GV series plastic color sorter for getting the blue/white flakes, then the final blue/white pure PET flakes will be accepted through the GI series plastic material sorter.

Well, let’s find the details together as below:

GLP Series PET bottle sorter

Suitable for urban packaging stations, chemical fiber factories, and bottle chip processing factories.

Improve the purity of bottle flakes, save labor, reduce raw material costs, and increase production.

GV Series plastic color sorter

Realize the sorting of plastic flakes of different colors, using dual vision visible light and rear vibrator anti blocking material design; The ultra short gas path structure design greatly reduces the response time of the spray valve, resulting in faster processing speed, higher rejection rate, and better color selection effect; Unique 360 ° surround recognition technology, achieving dead angle free sorting; Automatically adjust the ash cleaning mode based on the material sorting situation, without manual intervention.

Can achieve color sorting of materials such as PE, PET, ABS, PC, PP, etc; AMD develops cutting-edge automated sorting solutions for the recycling and recycling of various industrial plastic products, and has long been committed to optimizing sorting performance and effectiveness for customers, providing continuous improvement solutions for the recycling and utilization of precious resources, and fully tapping into the value of recycling.

GI Series plastic material sorter

It can achieve the sorting of plastic sheets of different materials, as well as the simultaneous sorting of plastic sheets of different materials and different colors; Single view dual infrared technology is used for individual material selection, and single view multispectral technology is used for 3D models; The material color selection adopts single view dual infrared+composite visible light technology, while the 3D model adopts single view multispectral+composite visible light technology; Able to identify impurities within 1mm.

Realize plastic sorting of different materials and colors; Can achieve sorting and purification of materials such as PC, PET, PMMA, PVC, PS, ABS, PE, PP, etc

Step1: GV series machine is for rejecting discolored plastic flakes, then accept blue & white flakes

Step2: GI series machine is for rejecting other kind of non-pet materials like as PC, PP, PE, PA, PS, ABS, PVC, PMMA, etc, then accept pet flakes.

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